Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bleu Lavande - Fitch Bay, Quebec

Saturday morning we drove 90 minutes to Bleu Lavande, a picturesque lavender farm in Fitch Bay, Quebec. It was a perfect summer day. We have been growing lavender in our back yard, and we wanted to see how professionally grown lavender looks in comparison. It turns out, ours looks about the same - the peak intensity of color occured about a month ago. As it dries, the color of the flower fades, but the fragrance intensifies.
Bleu Lavande offers tours of the farm, a bistro, a spa with aromatherapy massage, a boutique with lavender scented bath and skin care products, a distillery, tents for weddings and social events and lavender picnic tables. It's a lovely drive and a spectaular setting with vistas all around.


O Arrow said...

I love lavender!This place looks picturesque.

LittleRed said...

I just missed out on a tour of a lavender farm this summer:( I could not convince my husband. This one looks beautiful! I hope you enjoyed it:)