Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crazy, Messy Studio - Getting ready for my upcoming show

My usually tidy studio (aka our living room) is cluttered and chaotic, as I'm getting paintings framed and ready for my upcoming exhibit with my daughter, Felicity Lingle, at the Cold Mountain Cafe in Bethlehem, NH. The show will be hung on August 14 - stay tuned for details about a possible opening reception - and stay up until the end of September, I think. Our work is very different - I haven't seen what Felicity has been working on, but she has some of her work on her blog. Check out the link on my blog list.
The orange painting of the pear is not finished, but I'm not sure what to do with it - it's so different, more like a fairy tale illustration than my usual landscapes - what do you think? There is a theory that people either love or hate purple and orange - I'm thinking the edges of the painting need to be toned down to allow the pear and the landscape to dominate. I welcome any constructive feedback.


Eileen said...

The pear does looks fairytale-ish. I personally love orange and purple - both separate and together. Can't wait to see your show. And thanks for the info about the lavender fields. I have a friend who is dying to grow lavender -- looks like we'll have to make a field trip.

Felicity said...

I like the pear, it looks like if Chris Van Allsburg worked in color. Constructive feedback? Add a big meaty eyeball. Make Dali proud!! : D

O Arrow said...

I really love the pair in the window, it's really pleasing. I guess purple's compliment is yellow and orange's is blue, but I like them together regardless of that color theory. I wish I could go to this show. I love Felicity's work and yours looks really good, too.